To respond to an increasing population, changing demographics, rising health issues and a volatile climate we require new approaches to agricultural growth and development that are profitable, ethical, sustainable and traceable. These approaches include food production in its many forms, covering communities, smallholders, commercial farmers and the value chain that delivers this produce to the consumer.

Food security, food sovereignty and education all form part of this matrix and we believe these should all play a part in the future development of the agricultural sector.

We meet these challenges through facilitating, implementing managing and promoting efficient commercially successful agricultural practices. These must deliver quality produce, improve productivity, and allow for consumers to know where their food is coming from, whilst respecting the environment.


De Novo Agricultura defines agricultural sustainability as the long-term ability to produce quality food through efficient, commercially viable agricultural practices. This should be achieved in a manner that respects the environment and encourages biodiversity.

To achieve long-term sustainability, it is crucial to anticipate, identify and adapt to changing industry trends, manage assets with a view to long term viability whilst ensuring a business remains cost competitive. De Novo Agricultura actively assists its clients in developing and implementing strategies to meet these commercial and sustainability objectives.